Systematically Family Constellation
  Family Constellation is a very powerful tool used to solve deep seated problems in our lives.

  • Underlying, recurring conflicts between couples, in relationship, in families, or in business
  • In situations of separation and/or repeated failure in relationships
  • In cases of serious illness, depression, danger of suicide of family-members
  • life threatening accidents
The Constellations explore the unknown (hidden) power from the family system (even from previous generations) and it demonstrates in what way they have an effect on the individual of this family.
In the last 15 years this work became very well known through Bert Hellinger, who gives workshops, talks and seminars worldwide.
His books are translated into many languages.

The Family Constellation shows the origin of the issue and it shows the path to a healthy solution. A successful Constellation gives you back the place in your family; the place where you belong and the natural ORDER is restored. You will see the destiny of the family and accept it - as it is - and as it always was.
Now your personal strength is free and it comes back to you. Additionally you gain the strength from your family line (your ancestors), your own life becomes more successful and much healthier in many aspects.


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