Systematically Family Constellation


Ireland Gisela Jurgens picture missing...
  Tel: 00353-85-1402017
  "Ahead of her time, Gisela is a woman with passion for life! For over a decade she has shared her healing skills and wisdom from her beautiful centre in Belmullet.
Her vision and dedication has resulted in excellent courses being offered by some of the best international healers/trainers in this remote part of the country.
Gisela continues to add to her wealth of knowledge as she brings magic and love into the world."
Germany Kola Broenner
  Tel: 0049-241-61115
  Kola B. Broenner is a social worker, homeopath for psychotherapy. She trained for three years in body- and energy work, Is a yoga teacher, Reiki therapist, and worked in systematic partner and family therapy since 1988. She currently works in supervision of families in difficult life - situations and facilitates the Family Constellation System workshops since 1998.
Kola runs her own praxis in Germany and teaches Family Constellation internationally in Germany, Spain and now here in Ireland, Belmullet.

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