Systematically Family Constellation

Training programme

Certified Course, Instuctor Kola B. Broenner

Contents of the training programme:

- Background knowledge, and experience in Systematically Family Constellation
- Supervision and reflection of the weekend workshops
- Special family dynamics: early child death, forgotten family members
- Secrets, murder, sexual abuse, violence
- Miscarriage, abortion
- Separation, divorce
- War, dead comrade, culprit/victim dynamic, emigration
- Patch work family
- Primary-, secondary- and feelings you took over from someone else, meta-feelings
- Interrupted movements, working with emotions
- Movement of the soul
- Steps of solutions and rituals
- Order in a family, balance from giving and taking
- Genograme work
- Finding a clear goal
- Trance
- Family constellation work in one to one sessions
- Family constellation work in friction (to demonstrate special dynamics)
- Posture (style) of the therapist: remain centred, non-judgemental, free your head from too much structure, be in the moment, allow yourself to be guided by the energy field of the constellation and the soul of the client
- Upgrade your attention by 4
- Be aware where you (as a therapist) stand in the family constellation system:
Are you entangled in the dynamic?
- Guest Therapists: background of the Systematically Family Constellation, hypnosis, orientation on body work and posture
- Working with trauma
- Expansion: Constellation system for companies, institutions, organisations, world peace etc.

- Insoo Kim Berg, Scott Miller: Working with the problem of alcoholism, Company, London
- Steve Andreas: Virginia Satir - The patterns of her magic, signs and behaviour books 1998

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