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The Constellation shows in a very lively and impressive way the connections you have to other members of your family - and, at the same time, who it is that is the dominant influence in your life at the present time.

This influence can come from father, mother, grandparents, siblings, husband, wife and children. The influence can also come from forgotten people. People you do not speak of or know anything about, people for whom you had no opportunity to grieve.

For example: miscarriages, still born children, outcasts, maybe represented here also. Even in cases where issues might lie in previous generations - children keep trying to restore/rebalance this family order, which was shattered back in time through no fault of theirs. The child unconsciously acts on behalf of the missing person, and this, in turn, influences the PLACE the child has in the family. It will also influence the child later in life, as an adult, in his / her relationship, occupation and career and as well in their health.

As a client at the workshop with Kola Broenner, you work at your Genogramm in a private session. Together you identify "the issue" you choose to explore. The other participants need not know your issue.

You are invited to choose, from participants in the group, people to represent your family members or those connected to the issue.

The representatives are given a place in the room - and this mirrors your inner picture in connection with your issue. When this picture becomes visible, alive, it initiates the changing process and here the healing for you and your family soul can start.

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Positive resolution starts here!
  • You can see the entanglement and how the representatives, from their positions on the floor, mirror the truth back to you. Suddenly you begin to understand
  • Blocked feelings like grief and love gently open and start to flow
  • Forgotten people can come back in to take their own place again
  • You are empowered to give back what you unknowingly took on board (e.g. grief, guilt etc.)
  • People receive and regain their respect and honour