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training programme

 certified course instructor: Kola B. Broenner

Concept of the training programme:

The training programme offers you as a participant, besides the participation in the Family Constellation workshops the additional possibility of two extra days of research and gaining fundamental knowledge for this type of healing.
Under Kola's supervision you can gain first experiences.

My first teacher said: a good family constellation therapist needs a good balance of knowledge, experience and intuition.

This training programme is structured as follows:

2 weekend workshops each year starting Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.
Additionally 2 days training (Monday and Tuesday).
That means that within 3 years you have 6 weekend workshops (each 2 and a half days and 12 training days - a total of 27 days intense training).

Here you find information about terms & conditions 

Here you can download the contract for the training programme

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