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March 20th, 2021 in Malta/Gozo

About the work

Family Constellation is a very powerful tool used to solve deep-seated problems in our lives.

The Family Constellation shows the origin of the issue and it shows the path to a healthy solution. A successful Constellation gives you back the place in your family; the place where you belong and the natural ORDER is restored. You will see the destiny of the family and accept it – as it is – and as it always was.

Now your personal strength is free and it comes back to you. Additionally you gain the strength from your family line (your ancestors), your own life becomes more successful and much healthier in many aspects.

Do you work with children or grown-ups, fictional or real?

Working with family constellation is perfect to resolve problems. This can be for example the relationship of the characters in your screenplay or between you and your landlord, mother or child.

Family constellation is a powerful tool which benefits any relationships because it restores the order  so that love can flow again.



  • Underlying, recurring conflicts between couples, in relationship, in families, or in business
  • In situations of separation and/or repeated failure in relationships
  • In cases of serious illness, depression, danger of suicide of family-members
  • life threatening accidents

The Constellations explore the unknown (hidden) power from the family system (even from previous generations) and it demonstrates in what way they have an effect on the individual of this family.
In the last 30 years this work became very well known through Bert Hellinger, who gave workshops, talks and seminars worldwide.

His books are translated into many languages.

Click  here to look at a list of books that we recommend and that can be lend out.

The Constellation shows in a very lively and impressive way the connections you have to other members of your family – and, at the same time, who it is that is the dominant influence in your life at the present time.

This influence can come from father, mother, grandparents, siblings, husband, wife and children. The influence can also come from forgotten people. People you do not speak of or know anything about, people for whom you had no opportunity to grieve.

For example: miscarriages, still born children, outcasts, maybe represented here also. Even in cases where issues might lie in previous generations – children keep trying to restore/rebalance this family order, which was shattered back in time through no fault of theirs. The child unconsciously acts on behalf of the missing person, and this, in turn, influences the PLACE the child has in the family. It will also influence the child later in life, as an adult, in his / her relationship, occupation and career and as well in their health.

As a client at the workshop with Kola Broenner, you work at your Genogramm in a private session. Together you identify “the issue” you choose to explore. The other participants need not know your issue.

You are invited to choose, from participants in the group, people to represent your family members or those connected to the issue.

The representatives are given a place in the room – and this mirrors your inner picture in connection with your issue. When this picture becomes visible, alive, it initiates the changing process and here the healing for you and your family soul can start.

Look at an additional  about Kola’s methods.

Positive resolution starts here!

  • You can see the entanglement and how the representatives, from their positions on the floor, mirror the truth back to you. Suddenly you begin to understand
  • Blocked feelings like grief and love gently open and start to flow
  • Forgotten people can come back in to take their own place again
  • You are empowered to give back what you unknowingly took on board (e.g. grief, guilt etc.)
  • People receive and regain their respect and honour


All feelings and traumatic experiences of the ancestor line can influence the life of the next and/or following generations. Especially all the feelings, which have not been released and healed.

Children and grandchildren take over – unconsciously – heavy destinies from parents and grandparents, because they love them and want to help. This natural process gets them entangled with the older family members and their traumatic experiences and can lead for example to a child being born with a skin problem. Working with family constellations will restore the order of the family (who was first and who came next), so that love can flow again throughout the generations.  This will free you from the entanglements and give you the ability to live your own life and make your own experiences.


The family constellation work is a very old tradition, which you can find in all shamanic cultures over the world.

Bert Hellinger and his colleagues created a new concept and named it “family constellation” for the modern, western world.  This work is based on the spiritual knowledge, that we are all connected to each other. Ruppert Sheldrake, a British scientist, named this phenomenon „morphogenetic field“.

In the structure of the family constellation we can observe, that a strange person, a participant of the workshop, can step into the position of for example a family member and there feel and experience the thoughts and feelings of that person  – conscious or unconscious – without knowing anything about him/her.

After over 30 years of practicing family constellation we have many forms how to use and practice constellation work. Either the classic version to restore the order of the ancestor line or solving a concret personal problem for example your employees and management working effectively together.


During the training you will learn the order and dynamics of the family systems. Among other things you will also learn the dynamics of perpetrators and victims.

During the workshop each participant is invited to bring with him/her an issue which needs solving. These will then one after the other get a constellation in which the unconscious inner image of the family/problem will come up.

Who belongs to whom, who stands next to whom; whom you can see and whom you cannot see of the others. Looking at this inner image on the outside – in the room – has a big impact and initiates the healing process.

Next Training programme Malta/Gozo

Concept of the training programme:

The training programme offers you as a participant, besides the participation in the Family Constellation workshops the additional possibility of two extra days of research and gaining fundamental knowledge for this type of healing.

Under Kola’s supervision you can gain first experiences.

My first teacher said: a good family constellation therapist needs a good balance of knowledge, experience and intuition.


Anyone working with children or grown-ups, fictional or real, can use the work of family constellations to resolve problems. This can be for example the relationship of the characters in your screenplay or between you and your landlord, mother or child.

Family constellation is a powerful tool which benefits any relationship because it restores the order so that love can flow again.


After the training you will be able to lead any constellation.

Your participation will be certified.

This training programme is structured as follows:

2 weekend workshops each year starting Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.
Additionally 2 days training (Monday and Tuesday).
That means that within 3 years you have 6 weekend workshops (each 2 and a half days and 12 training days – a total of 27 days intense training).

Here you find information about  terms & conditions 

Here you can download the  contract for the training programme

Here you find information about the recent training programmes

Contents of the training programme:

  • Background knowledge, and experience in Family Constellation
  • Supervision and reflection of the weekend workshops
  • Special family dynamics: early child death, forgotten family members
  • Secrets, murder, sexual abuse, violence
  • Miscarriage, abortion
  • Separation, divorce
  • War, dead comrade, culprit/victim dynamic, emigration
  • Patch work family
  • Primary-, secondary- and feelings you took over from someone else, meta-feelings
  • Interrupted movements, working with emotions
  • Movement of the soul
  • Steps of solutions and rituals
  • Order in a family, balance from giving and taking
  • Genograme work
  • Finding a clear goal Trance
  • Family constellation work in one to one sessions
  • Family constellation work in friction (to demonstrate special dynamics)
  • Posture (style) of the therapist: remain centred, non-judgemental, free your head from too much structure, be in the moment, allow yourself to be guided by the energy field of the constellation and the soul of the client
  • Upgrade your attention by 4
  • Be aware where you (as a therapist) stand in the family constellation system: Are you entangled in the dynamic?
  • Guest Therapists: background of the Systematically Family Constellation, hypnosis, orientation on body work and posture
  • Working with trauma
  • Expansion: Constellation system for companies, institutions, organisations, world peace etc.

New dates for family constellation courses

5 modules with five days each – 3 days training + 2 days workshop

based on the official restrictions we couldn’t start our training regularly

We will have familyconstellation days (hybrid) until we can plan and start with the training

Dates (Malta/Gozo):

family constellation – 20..03.2021

family constellation – 13.11.2021

Training part 1 – 08.-13.04.2022

SupervisionsWE + Workshop – 23.-28.09.2022

Estimated costs of the training are 3.500,-€ total

cost for a family constellation 120,00 € + session ahead to make a genogram (cost related by time)(hybrid


For participants at the workshop:
Keep an open mind and you can – if you want – bring a basket full of love.

For participants at the workshop and training:
Be prepared to work on your own issues first, before you aim to heal others.
Take part in the regular meetings in-between workshops to reinforce what you learned with Kola.

A few words about us

Kola B. Brönner

"Kola" means by the Dakota, american indian, "Friend". A friend, who support and helps other humans for their health and growth (expansion).

Kola B. Broenner is a social worker, homeopath for psychotherapy. She trained for three years in body- and energy work, is a yoga teacher, Reiki therapist and worked in systematic partner and family therapy since 1988. She currently works in supervision of families in difficult life - situations and facilitates Family Constellation System workshops since 1998. Kola runs her own praxis in Germany and teaches Family Constellation internationally in Germany, Spain, Ireland and now here in Gozo, Malta.

Alenka Kreideweiss

Alenka Kreideweiss was born in 1982 as the daughter of Gisela and Walter Kreideweiss. She found her way in this world as a creative person through film making to writing, having published her first children’s book in 2019. Natural healing was part of her life from the age of 3 onwards because of her mother who first healed herself and then others using a diversity of methods such as Reiki, lightlanguage and family constellation. Alenka learned Reiki at the age of 5 and found her own healing in constellations and recreating her birth in January 2019 with Kola. She draws her motivation to work with the power of natural healing from the power of nature itself which makes us and this planet so beautiful. In her words: We are able to do so much good, so let’s do it!

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